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Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Trust our skilled Search Engine optimization specialists to get your company on the major search engines and help you find more potential customers in the Charleston area.

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Vidio Marketing:

Customers who watch a product video are 85% more likely to purchase. Video ads are the most effective way to garner attention and direct viewers to take action.

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SEO Doctor Has Three Steps to SEO, SEM, SMM, Success for E-commerce

SEO Doctor helps a number of people who shop online increases, it is even more important to optimize your e-commerce website. SEO for e-commerce is highly competitive, but there is an opportunity to be creative and connect with customers. Improve your online visibility with these three steps.

SEO Doctor Developes Your Product Pages

When SEO Doctor uses the product page, it is the life of e-commerce. The content on this page should appeal to customers to make a purchase. A product page should be rich in SEO, SEM, and include photos, pricing, a well-written product description, and customer reviews. When optimizing this page, consider the finer details: brand name, model number, sizes and colors.

After you develop page text and meta data, consider including a product video. High quality visuals encourage new visitors to stay on the page or explore your website. However, do not forfeit relevant information for images, as search engines can only read the code of videos and photos.

One of the most common pitfalls of e-commerce is duplicate content. Avoid using the manufacturer’s product description – which is copied and reproduced on multiple websites – and never repeat identical content on your own website. If you offer product feeds to other websites, limit the data that appears in those feeds or use alternate information. Develop your voice; this is your opportunity to create unique and relevant information for your customers.

SEO Doctor Will Simplify Your Site Navigation

Simple site navigation appeals to visitors using Internet Marketing search engines. Your e-commerce website should be organized logically. Arrange individual product pages into general categories that have been optimized for broader keywords.

Build an internal link network within your website. If possible, include product recommendations using a photo, brief description and link to another product page. For a smaller business, just include internal links within the unique product description using a keyword-rich anchor text. Anchor text like “click here” is a missed opportunity for page optimization.

Website URLs should include keywords. Many e-commerce websites use long URLs with product ID numbers, which prevent search engine crawlers from associating the page with a keyphrase. For example, a fictitious business with the URL:, should use keywords within the URL to read:

SEO Doctor Also Suggest To Start a Conversation on Social Media

SEO Doctor uses social media is the new word-of-mouth advertising, and a well-developed product page is social media linkbait. Encourage visitors to leave comments or product reviews on your website, while providing opportunities to share through off-site social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. Start a contest on your website and build anticipation through social media. Use social media to boost your SEO efforts by creating inbound links and increasing brand awareness.

Expand your target audience through blog writing. A webpage promotes a product; a blog post should tell a story. Share your thoughts on current industry trends and find common interests with your customers. Blogs create quality, natural backlinks to your website that will improve your search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization for an e-commerce website has its own challenges, especially if your business is competing on a national level. Over time, these three strategies can help improve rankings and increase online brand awareness. Be patient. Be creative. Give the customer something they have never seen before. SEO Doctor will make that happen.

SEO Doctor Is Dedicated to Our Clients

SEO Matters

While other companies where struggling to find ways to increase their bottom line in advertizing to the general public and to business. We knew where the trend was going as started years ago to acquire the fundamental products that will be needed for your business.

Why is SEO, SEM, SMM So Important?

Years of experience

* Websites
* Mobile Marketing
* Directory Listing Marketing
* Google, Bing, Yahoo Business listings.
* Article Writing-Blogs
* PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
* Keyword Specialist

* Video Marketing

* Premier multi-media company offering proven, lead-generation promotion to large and small businesses nationwide.

Why is SEO Doctor so important when using SEO, SEM, SMM?

*  How many  companies do you know offer internet marketing in Charleston as a product to businesses that actually help them grow?

* How many companies do you know offer a place where you enjoy waking up everyday knowing your going to help a small to large company increase their ROI?

* How many companies actually offer products that include internet marketing in Charleston that actually work for Internet Marketing as well as Social Media Marketing and Work for Small to large Businesses?

* How many companies actually have a support staff that is committed to customer service?

* What company has the highest internet marketing in Charleston  for Search engine marketing as well as SEM, SMM, rate of customer retention in the nation?

Why are we one of the top rated companies in Internet Marketing Charleston to change with the times when it comes to helping your business grow?

* From the phone to Mobile Marketing

* From Mail To the Email

* From News To PR Web

* From Socializing To FaceBook, Twitter, and more

* We Were With you all the time. You just didn’t know it.

SEO Doctor:

While other companies where struggling to find ways to increase their bottom line in advertizing to the general public and to business. We knew where the trend was going and started years ago to acquire the fundamental products that will be needed for your business.

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