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WordPress SEO Help

WordPress SEO Help

Wordpress SEO Help

WordPress SEO help by far is one of the best templets on the market. One of the tools to use with it are the plugins by Yoast. They are by far the best to have if you ever want your website to have a chance to rank in Google, Bing, or Yahoo. However just having the tool installed and putting what you think should be put in the boxes may be a bit challenging.

Over the years I have assisted hundreds of independent owners that use WordPress SEO help but are not using the plugin the way it was designed to do so.

The developers of Yoast are by far to say in one word is Genius. Yet what I have found is the common person who may have installed this great plugin may not have the experience to use it the the way it was designed to do.

Using wordpress seo help will help your site which I can help you with this area on any page you feel is needed. Or I can fully optimize each page independently for a small fee.


How Does WordPress SEO Help work?

The Website

Available Domain Names:

The Website Foundation

The Website will be built upon the expandable WordPress software so that future needs can be easily added to the website without rebuilding the website.

WordPress is used by millions of websites and is updated on a regular basis with security patches to prevent hackers from getting into the website. Our knowledge of wordpress seo help will by far help you
Wordpress is an open source software which means that there is no yearly fee and no cost for the software.
Wordpress is favored by the search engines as a preferred website software.  (This is the primary reason for using this software.)

What are some of the features we can help you with your WordPress SEO Help?


The Website will consist of the following basic pages:

  • Home/Welcome page
  • Privacy page  (For Legal Purposes – the search engines look for this)
  • Terms & Conditions  (For Legal Purposes – the search engines look for this)
  • About Us    (The search engines look for this)
  • Contact Us page
  • Testimonials page  (for customer comments when they come in)
  • Directions Map (For customers to put in their own addresses and get a detailed printout of directions from their location to your locations.)  (You can have all the locations of your properties displayed on a map if you want.)
  • Services/Brands Page – Each will be listed with short explanation and link to their individual page detailing more information on that service.
  • Dictionary Page
  • Calendar Of Events  (If Needed)
  • Featured Product(s)
  • Multi-Functional Menu System
  • Locations  (For Multiple Locations Businesses)
  • Full Linking to product vendors  (For Ranking)

The Website will use the posting features of WordPress:

  • Website will be optimized for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and will be setup to provide expansion for more pages by client later if needed.
  • backup module which will be set to do a full backup once a week and send to the backup email depository.
  • XML Sitemap will be created and loaded onto the root of the website for search engines.  The XML Sitemap simply gives the search engines names and url (location) of the pages that we want the search engines to find and display in search engine results.
  • The client logo will be included in the website if provided.
  • Graphic design of the website will be created and is included with the website, but is limited to the number of columns, placement of menus and header and the colors of the background, CSS style sheets, buttons, etc.
  • This website does not include any video creation, however video display capability will be built into the website allowing for future video upload and display.
  • The website will include the ability to manage certain pages with user name and passwords for editors of the website.


Other in formation about WordPress SEO Help

The time to completion estimate depends greatly on the client providing the images and content to be placed into the website itself.

The website design, content, and graphics will become the property of the client.

The client will be provided with all user names and passwords upon completion of the website and the website will be under the control and ownership of the client.

We will recommend a local Charleston Professional writer if you need help with content.

Since every wordpress seo help website is different and in many cases our clients have added content to their website during the website creation process, the professional writer costs are not included in the costs of the website.  You can deal directly with her or we can handle the details.

We will create a template for the “look” of the website and that is included in the costs, however, some businesses sometimes want a professional design artist to create the “look”.

Please note that we will work with you to provide as close as possible the “look” without added costs to you, but any additional costs of a professional design artist will be up to the client and are not included in the website costs.  If you desire to hire professional design artist we would be happy to meet with them and give guidelines as to what would be the best SEO (search engine optimization) design.

Video production is available but is not included in the website costs.  We have professional video cameras and editing experience in creating videos for our clients.  If you need this service we would be happy to give you a quote on a case-by-case basis.  You may also want to use your own video production service and we would be available to assist if needed.

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