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Website Design Charleston

  Website Design Charleston

Building Your Website Design Presence

We offer three tiers of professional website design in Charleston , featuring original creative content and multimedia!

Website Design Charleston includes Streaming Video & Media

Each website design includes an embedded streaming video to add interesting, informative content to increase your internet presence and inform potential customers.

Website Design Marketing Charleston With SEO & Social Media

Your custom website design in Charleston can be fully integrated into you Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Management campaigns for a synergetic online website marketing presence!

Website Design Charleston Also Offers E-Commerce Ready

All websites design allow E-Commerce with Pay-Pal integration, enabling your business to launch and optimize your website Marketing Charleston online market immediately!

Website Design Charleston Includes Analytic Reporting

Website Design Charleston has a full statistical package will allow you to transparently view performance data of your website design promotional efforts, enabling you to implement immediate changes for improved results.1

Website Design Charleston uses  the internet has become civilization’s strongest tool for communicating and sharing information. Studies show that 78% of Americans actively use the internet, and 89% regularly research online before buying a product or service. Building a website marketing plan presence is not just a luxury anymore; it is a necessity for every business (regardless of size) to stay competitive in their respective markets. Let LocalEdge establish your business online with a custom built website design that enables existing customers to access your goods and services more readily, while giving you the presence and reach to attract new customers.

1 Access to Dashboard and Performance Platform is intended to be, but will not be 100%, due to planned maintenance and uncontrollable downtimes as per LocalEdge product terms and conditions.

Website Design Standard

A template website design with classically effective layout that allows for easy maintenance, and direct accessibility.

Website Design Custom Domain Name

A customized website design URL will legitimize your business’ online presence and improve the ease at which people can connect with you.

Website Design Charleston Will Help Build Your Brand

Website Design Standard websites allow you to create up to 10 attractive web pages and host five customized email addresses (, further establishing your business and brand.

Website Design Charleston Is Easy To Edit

24 hour access to our easy-to-use editing tool allows you to edit and manage content on your website design at anytime, anywhere.

Website Design Charleston Has an Option For A Rotating Header

Website design offers a rotating header at the top of a standard website is fully customizable, allowing you to include pictures of your business’ goods or services for an attractive feature that adds professionalism and personality to your site.

LocalEdge compliments each standard website with a landing page featuring a customized domain name. Our standard website package comes with everything necessary to create a professional, cost effective internet presence allowing you to connect new and old customer to your products and services with ease. LocalEdge’s ease-of-use template allows for 24 hour access to update your content through a few clicks and keystrokes1. Standard packages are design to be easily integrated with a LocalEdge Search Engine Optimization or Social Media Management package.

Website Design Advanced

Webstie Design Customized Template

An advanced, customized template affords you the same ease-of-use as our standard, but with more flexibility to create your website design as you envisioned it.

Website Design Advanced Offers A Dedicated Representative

A Website Design advanced  option connects you with a web design professional for an hour-and-a-half consultation each month to discuss your vision and plans.

More Email

Twenty email addresses based on your website’s domain name are available. Adds professionalism and provides growing room for a business’ internet presence.

Advanced Customization

Direct consultations and more customizing options will lead to a stronger website that is both informative and artfully designed to your specifications.

The advanced website design Charleston option reaches farther than the standard to give you everything that you web presence needs to excel. With more email addresses and a customized design template, the product will exceed all expectations of professionalism and quality. Consultations with a web developer will ensure sustained progress and promote an ever evolving web strategy, to edge out your competition!

Everything included in the standard website and more! Greater customization and personalized consultations.

Website Design Custom

Beyond anything else we offer by including all of the advanced website features and anything else you require to perfect your website

Website Design Also Offers A Complete Customization Of Your Website

Work directly with a dedicated website design professional to build a site from scratch, simultaneous harnessing our experience and talent along with your industry expertise and vision.

Website Design Includes Unlimited Content

Enjoy total creative freedom with unlimited custom website designed web pages, and unlimited email addresses for a comprehensive professional presence.

Webstie Design Charleston Offers Ongoing Maintenance

Website Design Charleston offers up to 1.5 hours of  access to your dedicated website design specialist, who will personally implement all changes and updates at your request.

Additional Features

Database integration, customized widgets, flash & other animation, enhanced security features, dynamic form creation, custom navigation and many more!

The custom website package is our strongest tool for taking command of your web presence. Unlimited creative freedom of web pages, dedicated maintenance from a web design specialist, and diverse multimedia content at your disposal makes for an unprecedented, comprehensive website package where the possibilities are truly endless. Take full control of your web presence with a custom website design package from LocalEdge, built with vision and scope for a complete and effective product!